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Service 23 Restaurant Consulting, located in Central New Jersey, has been helping to revitalize the restaurant business one restaurant at a time.  With a strong focus on mom and pop restaurants, we specialize in maximizing profits for all of our clients with the simplest of solutions.  Service, service, service!  Your guests have many choices on where to dine, and we make sure that they will want to dine with you!  In addition to our primary focus of service, we are also able to help with staff and management evaluations, operational procedures, food and liquor costs, and evaluate the overall challenges you may be experiencing at your establishment.  Is your restaurant in need of help?  If you are in need of an experienced restaurant consultant with an unmatched passion for service and success, give us a call and start making more money today!  Great service is not negotiable for either of our businesses and we can help give you the tools you need for great success!
In all that we are doing to help our restaurant industry, we are well aware that staff can make or break a restaurant!  It is imperative to have a well-trained, knowledgeable staff representing your business at all times.  Because of this, we are offering our elite training classes to the public and helping to maintain passionate staff members in the industry.  View our Events page to find out more about our Service Training options and join us in the service revolution so that your restaurant is offering exactly what your guests are demanding - Great Service!
Mystery Dining Packages Now Available!

~Full initial evaluation and assessment
~Expert diners trained "in" the industry
~Customized program for your specific needs
~Valuable insight from a guest perspective
~Plan of action to remedy any issues found

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